Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's our October Mini Break! I'm certain you will enjoy your days off. I look forward to seeing you fresh, rested, and ready for school Tuesday morning!

In case you do miss the fun and learning we have here at Fitzmorris Elementary, here are some educational websites you might want to visit. Have a few free minutes while you take a break from reading? You can do some games and activities related to the topics we have been covering in school!

If you do find yourself playing some of these games, I would love it if you would comment to me on this blog to let me know which games you would recommend and which ones you think your friends should avoid.

Happy Fall!

This site lets you make multiplication arrays. Just click on one factor, then the other, press the = sign and PRESTO! You have a multiplication array.

Here is a National Geographic website recommended by Mrs. Garcia. She says that it has a great game that relates to what you are studying in Social Studies!

Here is another site that has some interactive math games you can play. I like this one because you can pick what kind of math you want to practice.

Here you help a robot decide if the word is a common noun, proper noun, or not a noun at all! It’s called Noun Dunk.

This is a website from The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Here you can help Rex the Rhino discover mysteries about rocks, fossils, and minerals.

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