Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Book orders went home today. If you chose to place an order, please do so before lunch on Thursday. To make the process even easier, follow the Scholastic Link below and order with a credit card online! Our class user name is mrshovinensclass and our password is Fitz4H.

Math: You need to finish the math packet we started in class today (SAB pgs 47-50).

Spelling: Your word study words went home with you today. Cut them out and sort them. Find the spelling patterns that certain words share. See if you can learn some rules about how our English words are put together. During the week you can speed sort your words, write sentences, take practice spelling tests... Can you make up a fun way to practice your words at home?

Reading: Remember to keep reading every day and to record your book title, author, and time on your log. At any time during this week you can do the BACK PAGE response. This will be due on Thursday.

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