Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What we learned from THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS.

Remember… BIG SCIENCE IDEAS are the ones you will want to remember 40 years from now.

Some of the BIG SCIENCE IDEAS from the Magic School Bus Rocks and Rolls:

• Sometimes the water freezes and cracks rock.- Hannah
• Water and erosion carves and breaks rocks by the cracks so when rocks have cracks water gets inside. When it gets cold it chops and breaks the rock. -Matthew
• Water can carve rock like water carved the Grand Canyon. -Aden
• Water makes boulders smooth and break.- Leandra
• Water breaks rock because water wears out the rock and the rock breaks apart.- Justin
• Water can move big boulders but the water has to be strong enough to move the boulder.- Rubin
• The water and rocks cracked the statue and made the statue fall down the mountain to the stream. – Dalisha
• The erosion is caused by the water that is from the winding river. -Micheala
• Water can take rocks and cut in a lot of little pieces of rocks.- Vangie
• If water goes fast enough it can break down the boulders. –Ethan
• When water goes into a crack, and it freezes, the rocks break apart. – CC
• Snow and water can break big rocks. –Julian
• It can’t happen instantly it could take over 15 million years to carve out stuff like the Grand Canyon.- Jonathan

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