Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get well soon!

Hello to all of our JCOS family, friends, and sick students stuck at home. We miss you!

The sixth graders have been revising and editing their persuasive essays. Everyone has been typing them up and some students have done over five revisions! There are some fabulous published pieces waiting to be read.

Additionally, we have finished up our study of mean, median, mode, and range. A quick check yesterday showed that nearly everyone understood a concept that, just a few months ago, no one even knew what the question was asking them to do.

In reading, we read a book called BAA and made inferences/predictions based on our schema and text evidence. It didn’t turn out too good for the sheep, in the end. Students are continuing to read their “Just Right” books and are making daily entries in their idea notebooks, showing how their reading strategies deepen their thinking and understanding of a text.

Homework this week is due tomorrow. You should be documenting the texts you read at home and you need to plan, write, edit, revise, and finish one quality journal entry.

Our class party is on Friday. We will be watching The Lightening Thief in the morning and having a party with treats in the afternoon. Please make sure you bring in a present if you plan on participating in our Friday gift exchange. 

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