Thursday, December 19, 2013

Celebrate! And....

It has been wonderful conferring with every sixth-grader about his or her sixth-grade bridges voyage project.  Many people have been involved with this process: Melyssa, Megan, Scott M., Jacob, Kristie, and Bryan have all meet with students to advise on the SDL Voyage Proposal. 

Like many life passages, this is a time for great self reflection. What do you want to do in your life? How do you deal with problems in your environment? How do you want to change the world you live in? At our school, we have the privilege to actually address these specific questions.  

If you have not already discussed your student's voyage, this winter break is an opportunity to do so. They need your help. Please consult the packet that was sent home after the parent meeting. 

Tomorrow, Friday, we will have our gift exchange. If your child is participating, make sure a wrapped gift is delivered early in the morning. Gabrielle will be making lunch, and games are encouraged during the morning math time.

Enjoy your break!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Super School News!

Log on to Rocky Mountain PBS Super School 
Click on to the blue "watch your video here" link to see our JCOS segment. 
Sign in to view: 
Username: superschoolnews
Password (caps sensitive): SuperKIDS1

Scroll down the list until you get to JCOS. Watch and enjoy!

Planning, drafting, and peer revising for the SDL proposal due Friday morning.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Thank you and heads up!

Thanks to all the parents, students, and advisors who showed up to last night's SDL Voyage informational meeting. If you were unable to attend, please ask your child for the packet that went home Friday. Important planning information, advice, and dates are included in all the paperwork?

Some of our IA STARS will be broadcasted on our local PBS station. 
Super School News is airing next week on channel 6 RMPBS.

Tuesday December 17th 10:55am

Thursday December 19th 2:55pm

Saturday December 21st 10:55am


If you have not yet paid the $150 for our Bridges Trip, please do that immediately. We need to solidify plans with snow Mointain Ranch next week and money is a determining factor. If you have any questions, please contact Sharon today in the office. 

I am going to be cooking lunch for the students on Friday, December 20. We will be having macaroni with cheese sauce and/or red sauce, canned fruit, and hot chocolate. 

Also on December 20 we will have a gift swap. Students need to anonymously wrap a gender-neutral gift ranging in value between $15-$20. We did a practice gift exchange at school this week so students are aware of how the process works. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Parent meeting Thursday!

Bring your sixth grader and meet in our room for an informative parent meeting starting at 3:45. Learn about the short term and long term plans for this important, multi-step project. If you can't make the meeting, a packet will be sent home with your child in the Friday folder. 


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Student Supported Choice!

Thank you Paul, Lizzi, Lily, and Gracie!

Monday, December 9, 2013

$5 due for Wednesday and please attend Thursday's parent meeting!

Our Mythbusters field trip to the Museum of Nature and Science is quickly approaching. All individuals who are going to see Mythbusters need to contribute $5 for this special exhibit. Museum entrance is free. Thanks to the drivers and chaperones who are coming with us. Please make sure you have checked in with Gayle before we leave. All drivers need to have the appropriate paperwork on file or they will not be able to drive. Which could get mighty awkward at the last minute. 

Students need to pack a lunch, drink, and a snack for this field trip. We are spending most of the day at the museum, so comfortable clothing (and maybe a second snack) is a must. 

On Thursday, December 12 starting at 3:45 we will be having a meeting for parents about our upcoming SDL Voyage Projects. Parents who attend (with their student, of course) will get an outline of the tasks that need to be done before continuation and we will brainstorm some techniques families can use to keep this fun and engaging for everyone involved. I look forward to seeing you there. 

Friday, December 6, 2013


A great big hug (handshake or high five) goes out to all of the dedicated and hard working sixth graders, parents, and siblings who assisted with (or contributed money to) our class rock sale.  Students discovered incredible skills that could only be learned through hard work, problem solving, and endurance. 

I feel truly lucky to be part of a classroom and a school community that values experiential learning. 


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The students are awesome!

The sixth graders have been working really hard during the rock sale and are now trained to work retail on Black Friday. We still need a lot of helpers for Peace Night, when we are hopping to SELL OUT!  Thanks to everyone who has stayed late. 

Next Wednesday is our Mythbusters field trip. We still need some drivers and chaperones. All participants should pay $5 for the cost of the day. Plan to pack a healthy sack lunch! 

Friday, December 20. Students have showed interest in having a holiday party and a white elephant gift exchange.

Rules: Participants bring a wrapped gift to the gift exchange (value $15-20 and something both boys and girls could enjoy) and anonymously add it to a pile. Everyone participating draws a number. Number one goes first, picks,  and unwraps a gift.  Number two can pick another gift or "steal" an unwrapped gift. If an unwrapped gift is "stolen," the person it is stolen from can then "steal" or pick a wrapped gift. 

A gift can not be "stolen" more than twice. Whoever steals it second gets to keep the gift. A gift can not immediately be stolen back by the person it was stolen from. All gifts must be in plain sight and complete until the game is over (don't eat that candy until you are SURE it is yours!)

The game is over when all gifts are unwrapped. 

I'll be cooking lunch for the students on the 20th. Can anyone donate paper goods (including hot cups, I'll make hot chocolate), napkins, and utensils?

Stay Warm! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Get ready for the big rock sale!

We will practice our sale on Monday and we will be open for business at 2:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday. We also be open immediately after early release and during Peace Night. Hope to see you there!

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