Friday, May 24, 2013

Pre-Continuation Reading Material

The JCOS 6th Grade
Parent/Student Honoring Ceremony
will be in the Commons on
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 6:00 PM

The Sixth Grade parent/student honoring ceremony will be in the format of a council. Council is a special way of listening and speaking to each other in a group. There are four intentions of council that all participants strive to follow.

The first intention: Speak from the Heart. Share from your place of honesty and truth.

The second intention: Listen from the Heart. Do your best to listen to others with openness and without judgment.

The third intention: Speak Spontaneously. Try not to plan what you are going to say while others are speaking. Trust yourself to know exactly what to say in the present moment you are sharing.

The fourth intention: Speak Leanly or Briefly. Share the important parts.

During this continuation honoring council, students and parents will share their feelings.

Student prompt: How are you feeling right now about this transition to Middle School? What are you excited about or looking forward to? When you think of your elementary school years, what are you grateful for and what will you miss?

Parent prompt: Before we begin, close your eyes. Go back to a moment when this child was two or three- a precious moment that you can remember vividly. See your child in your mind’s eye- notice what he looks like and feels like. Now open your eyes and look at your son or daughter or friend. Allow yourself to be aware of all the ways she has grown since that time. When your turn in the Council comes, please take the opportunity to tell your child about the growth that you appreciate.

If you could have a one-word wish for the whole class, what would it be?

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