Monday, December 9, 2013

$5 due for Wednesday and please attend Thursday's parent meeting!

Our Mythbusters field trip to the Museum of Nature and Science is quickly approaching. All individuals who are going to see Mythbusters need to contribute $5 for this special exhibit. Museum entrance is free. Thanks to the drivers and chaperones who are coming with us. Please make sure you have checked in with Gayle before we leave. All drivers need to have the appropriate paperwork on file or they will not be able to drive. Which could get mighty awkward at the last minute. 

Students need to pack a lunch, drink, and a snack for this field trip. We are spending most of the day at the museum, so comfortable clothing (and maybe a second snack) is a must. 

On Thursday, December 12 starting at 3:45 we will be having a meeting for parents about our upcoming SDL Voyage Projects. Parents who attend (with their student, of course) will get an outline of the tasks that need to be done before continuation and we will brainstorm some techniques families can use to keep this fun and engaging for everyone involved. I look forward to seeing you there. 

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