Thursday, December 19, 2013

Celebrate! And....

It has been wonderful conferring with every sixth-grader about his or her sixth-grade bridges voyage project.  Many people have been involved with this process: Melyssa, Megan, Scott M., Jacob, Kristie, and Bryan have all meet with students to advise on the SDL Voyage Proposal. 

Like many life passages, this is a time for great self reflection. What do you want to do in your life? How do you deal with problems in your environment? How do you want to change the world you live in? At our school, we have the privilege to actually address these specific questions.  

If you have not already discussed your student's voyage, this winter break is an opportunity to do so. They need your help. Please consult the packet that was sent home after the parent meeting. 

Tomorrow, Friday, we will have our gift exchange. If your child is participating, make sure a wrapped gift is delivered early in the morning. Gabrielle will be making lunch, and games are encouraged during the morning math time.

Enjoy your break!

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