Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The students are awesome!

The sixth graders have been working really hard during the rock sale and are now trained to work retail on Black Friday. We still need a lot of helpers for Peace Night, when we are hopping to SELL OUT!  Thanks to everyone who has stayed late. 

Next Wednesday is our Mythbusters field trip. We still need some drivers and chaperones. All participants should pay $5 for the cost of the day. Plan to pack a healthy sack lunch! 

Friday, December 20. Students have showed interest in having a holiday party and a white elephant gift exchange.

Rules: Participants bring a wrapped gift to the gift exchange (value $15-20 and something both boys and girls could enjoy) and anonymously add it to a pile. Everyone participating draws a number. Number one goes first, picks,  and unwraps a gift.  Number two can pick another gift or "steal" an unwrapped gift. If an unwrapped gift is "stolen," the person it is stolen from can then "steal" or pick a wrapped gift. 

A gift can not be "stolen" more than twice. Whoever steals it second gets to keep the gift. A gift can not immediately be stolen back by the person it was stolen from. All gifts must be in plain sight and complete until the game is over (don't eat that candy until you are SURE it is yours!)

The game is over when all gifts are unwrapped. 

I'll be cooking lunch for the students on the 20th. Can anyone donate paper goods (including hot cups, I'll make hot chocolate), napkins, and utensils?

Stay Warm! 

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