Sunday, March 2, 2014

TCAP is here!

Your child has already prepared for this state assessment.  During these next two weeks we want our students to feel proud of all they have learned and show what they know.  WE already know our students are strong community members with empathy and problem-solving skills.  They approach learning as a life-long, rich project.  Good rest and support will help make this experience positive and productive.

Our schedule will be slightly adjusted during this time.  At 8:45 we will start our day and a snack will be provided. The testing window for the entire elementary is from 9:00-10:30.  At 10:30 we will have a recess and we will study math from 11:00-11:45.  Lunch and break is followed by a mini-lesson and specials.  From 1:45- 3:15 we will focus on literacy and inquiry. 

I could still use some baby-food jars for our upcoming science simulation called "Peterman's Pond."  Thanks to the parents who have donated everything from cotton swaps to bags of dirt!

Students should be bringing their research materials to class.  They are abile to sign out their folder to take home, and many students have been showing fabulous focus and enthusiasm for their topic.  Some of us, myself included, have had to make some changes and adjustments.  Everyone had an individualized conference last week and, hopefully, is feeling on track.  The FINAL draft of the Feature Article (hopefully one of many) is due BEFORE spring break.  Email me if you have any questions your child can't answer. 

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