Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Downtown Denver Day Details

On Friday students will be traveling with parents to a cultural highlight.  

This day is for exploring something historic, cultural, and/or unique to Downtown Denver.  Shopping is at a minimum (please be respectful of students and families that don't have the option of sending extra money for this activity).

We are asking students to bring $10-$15, a sack lunch, and a water bottle.  This money is for transportation (Light Rail is $2.20 round trip for the day) or entrance fees to any activity. There should be absolutely no borrowing or lending money between students and students are not allowed to ask adults for money.  No one will be denied this experience due to inability to pay. Students who are unable to afford this trip need to let Gabrielle know right away so scholarship funds can be found. 

Students are welcome to bring cell phones but should, unless there is an emergency, only use the camera feature on the phone.  It would be great if each group can take a picture and email it to Gabrielle so she can put it on the blog.

Groups need to stay together at all times and HAVE FUN!  Groups are very welcome to combine and visit together! Advisors will be stationed at the downtown Tattered Cover.

Please make sure your emergency contact numbers are up-to-date with our robo-call system.

Students need to return to the school by 3:00.

Jennifer R will be taking Gage A., Tyler, Lizzi, and Sofia.
Catherine will be taking Paul and Gage M.
Angie will be taking Leif and Drake. 
Adam will be taking Grace, Gavin, Cya, and Luka.
Michelle will be taking Henry, Mason, and Coby.
Aurora will be taking Jaden, Kate S., Gracie, and Lily.
Mark will be taking Sara, Claudia, Katzi, and Kate Z.
Bobbi will take Tomas, Zane, and Ely.

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