Friday, April 11, 2014

Fun Magazine Extras

Go to this website to make a crossword puzzle that is specific to your SDL topic.  Gavin recommends also printing out the answer key so you can put it in the back of your magazine if your readers get stuck! Look back at your feature articles in order to come up with a minimum of twenty questions and answers before you log on to this website.

Discovery Education has a great Puzzlemaker site where you can make word searches, mazes, and more.  Gabrielle recommends coming up with a large list of words (perhaps from your glossary?) that you can save and spell check BEFORE starting to make your puzzle.

You can find a free printable comic strip template at this website.  This tool allows you to type in your words and the program will transform it into a comic strip template with a comic strip font. This is for writers who already made a comic rough draft and know what they want their panels to say.

You need to create a free account, but ToonDoo is a really fun website that lets you add text and pictures for your comic.  Use this site if you can print in color!

Let me know if you have discovered any tricks we should utilize when creating on these websites.  Found a different (free) site that should be added to our blog?  Let me know as soon as possible!

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