Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Time is Almost Nigh!

On Thursday, May 8 we are having the IA "Retain Your Brain" Summer Skills Parent Meeting at 4PM.  Students who bring in books to share will get candy!

The SDL Presentations are during the mornings of May 12-16.  Everyone's magazine should be completed and their presentions (Prezi? Power Point? Props?) should be nearly done.  Please practice with your child over the weekend.  Presentations need to be between 15-20 minutes and should show great fluency and understanding of the topic. 

May 23 is our Boondocks celebration.  Everyone needs to bring in $15 for this event by next Friday, May 16.  

May 27: All School Picnic

May 27: Sixth Grade Continuation.  This is a wonderful celebration of our sixth graders!  Please consider attendance MANDATORY! Several families still need to RSVP with Catherine at 303-523-9224  or at  We still need baby pictures from many sixth graders. 

May 28: Last Day of School and 6th Grade Balloon Ceremony!

PLEASE help your child stay focused and dedicated to their learning during these last few weeks of school.

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