Thursday, February 12, 2015

Out of Five Book Review (FINAL DRAFT) is due on Tuesday, February 24. Many have already turned it in.

Class Library Book Review
Paragraph 1:  Introductory paragraph essentials
·        Your name, gender, age, and a tiny bit about you
·        The book’s title and author 
·        The genre(s) the book fits into (and why)
·        The original reason you chose this book to read

Paragraph 2: A brief summary of the plot (main characters, setting, theme, large conflict…) that doesn’t give away too much.

Paragraphs 3 and 4 (Pick an idea from below or make up your own):

What was one of your favorite parts of the book?  Why?
Who are the main characters?  Are they believable? How does the author make them feel like “real people”? Do you know anyone like them?
What do you like or dislike about the author’s writing style?
What is the background/biography of the author?  Has she/he written any other books?
The books strengths.  Give an example and explain why.
A weakness of the book.  Give an example and explain why.
Pick one of the thinking strategies and explain (with examples) how you used it while reading this text.
Where and when does the action in the text take place?  Does the author do a good job making you feel like you are there? How?
A glossary of some words a reader might need to know ahead of time.

Paragraph 5: Concluding paragraph
1.      Give this book a score of 1-5 stars, with 5 being a “MUST READ.” 
2.      Who would like this book? Who wouldn’t?

Back page BONUS:
3.      Illustrate a picture from the text.  Give the picture a title .
4.      Make a movie poster advertising the movie for this book.
5.      Make a crossword puzzle or word search based on the book.

6.      Write some discussion topics or trivia questions (include the answers somewhere). 

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