Sunday, September 6, 2015

Reminder for Tuesday morning...

Hey All!

Check your bags so they are ready for Tuesday. 

Trip journals need to be brought in for class completion and to be added to your portfolio. Walking s'mores to everyone who remembers. 

School supply sales are on this Labor Day weekend so get a portfolio if you haven't already (1.5-3" three ring binder, your choice of features.)  I have some extras for those who don't want to shop for their own. 

Super School News applications should be completed and emailed to Angie or hand delivered on Tuesday. Planning meetings will start right away. 

Band and Orchestra instruments MUST be brought to the school by the musicians for Tuesday lessons and rehearsals. Please remind everyone who needs this message. 

Our next trip will be in January. Snow pants, boots, and quality socks and gloves will be necessary for the freezing temperatures. Keep an eye out for these supplies in the next few months. 

Enjoy your Monday!

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