Monday, January 4, 2016

Looking forward to seeing all sixth graders on Wednesday!

There are a lot of exciting things coming up in January for the sixth graders.  Our visit to Ameritowne is on Monday, January 11.  Students will be receiving job training all this week.

Our Bridges Trip is from January 20-22. Look for the equipment list going home this week.

In addition to planning for these two learning opportunities, we will still be active readers, writers, mathematicians, and community members. Students will be challenged daily to stay focused, on task, and hard working.

Our upcoming math unit involves place value, fractions, decimals, and multiple digit division and multiplication.  It is critical that sixth graders are fluent with the basic multiplication facts or they will be at a significant disadvantage in the learning of these bigger concepts.  If you child is not yet a Level A math master, please use the flash cards sent home, the math links on the side of this blog, and any other tools you have at your disposal in order to ensure your child is ready for the grade level math concepts.

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