Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trip Chaperones/Drivers!

Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to accompany us on our trip next week. We are relying on you to help our students have a GREAT time- and to make sure everyone and everything gets up to Glacier Basin. 

By this time you sure have turned your paperwork in to me (Gabrielle) and you have had your driver's license and proof-of-insurance copied by Gayle in the office.  

I want to make sure we have room for everyone and everything.  Please (please please) email me with the number of students you can safely carry in your vehicle.  Also let me know if you will be able to carry any extra gear.  

I would also like to hear if you have some specific activity you are looking forward to doing.  We have a couple of hours on Monday, and a larger chunk of time Tuesday (students will have a packed lunch with them).

Gabrielle can carry 7 students and no additional gear.
I want to go on some shorter hikes and possibly a night hike. 

Thanks for everything!  We are almost there!


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