Friday, November 11, 2016

Congratulations and Upcoming Events.

Great work and congratulations to all of our IA performers and techies for the "Lewis and Clark" Musical. We are fortunate to have such dedicated artists in our community.

We have a few special events coming up next week I wanted everyone to be aware of.

On Wednesday, visitors will be in our classroom to observe our second Socratic Seminar.  Students have been engaged in deep conversations and analysis of our two texts in preparation for our scholarly discussion. Your child might have brought home a copy of the text so they can get your feedback.

Thursday is Guinness World Record Day and from 11:00-11:45, certain IA students will be cupstacking in a nationwide attempt to break last year's world record! In 2015, 618,395 people stacked for thirty minutes on the exact same day.  This year they are hoping for over 625,000.

Friday is our all-school community service day.  Our family group this year is Jen's Walkabout and Tommy's Prewalkabout.  Jen's advising has organized the day. In the morning, we will be doing group team building. Next, we will be making sack lunches to take to some homeless shelters downtown.  The secondary students will be delivering the lunches downtown in the afternoon. In the afternoon, our class will be watching The Wizard of Oz, comparing and contrasting it to the text, which we read as our first read aloud.

We are hoping to put together at least 100 sack lunches. The sixth graders have been tasked with bringing the ingredients for sandwiches.  We are hoping each sixth grader can donate one or two of these items:
a loaf of bread
sliced, cooked meats
sliced cheese
peanut butter

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