Monday, May 11, 2009

Student Led Conferences!

Now that you are almost done with fourth grade, I would like you to reflect on some of the things you have learned during this academic year. Do you feel you are at least one year smarter? What do you consider your strengths and what are some areas you want to work extra hard on in fifth grade?

I, too, am looking over my year as your lucky teacher. I am eager to read your impressions of this year. What were some of your favorite subjects? What do you think about giving homework? Is there something that absolutely needs to be changed for next year's fourth graders? Should I change the job list? Do you think spellings lists help you learn? If you want, you can sign your name to the blog or leave your name as "anonymous."

Click on "comments" at the bottom of this entry (below and agenda) and let me know!

Student Led Conference Agenda

1. Share your magazine with your adult. Show all of the work you did to plan and research for the final draft. Write at least one sticky-note complement and put it into a magazine.

2. Look through your portfolio with your adult. Share some of your greatest pieces of work. Use your writing/reading spirals to show how your writing has improved over the year. What are some things you are doing now that you didn’t do at the beginning of fourth grade? How have you grown as a writer?

3. Go to the kidney table and have your parent pick out a Quick Images card. Race to see who can build the image first. Repeat.

4. Go to the Living Science Stations and share some things you observed and learned about the animals. Share your Ecosystems Unit Folder, highlighting your favorite activities.

5. Have your parents fill out a parent survey form. When it has been turned in, come collect your Family Magazine and the DVD of your digital stories and the poetry recitation.

6. Want more? Go into our blog and let me know some things you and your adult liked about this year and some suggestions for change.

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