Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Feel like going shopping?

Are you interested in giving our classroom some presents? Our class brainstormed items the class needs/wants:

  • Essential oils for our aromatherapy diffuser
  • Decorated kleenex boxes. Or just plain kleenex boxes if you don’t want to be fancy
  • Toys for Choochoo, our class parakeet
  • A favorite board/card game if it doesn’t exist in our classroom
  • A favorite book if it is missing from our library
  • Classroom plants: Christmas cactus, pothos, spider plant- with good bases to collect water
  • Germ wipes
  • Magic Erasers
  • Fine tipped markers, including Sharpies

Monday, December 12, 2016


Mandatory Trip Meeting and Your Voyager: What to Expect

Thanks to all the parents who have already filled out their child's trip paperwork packet.  Please make sure to include a COPY of your actual, up-to-date insurance card.  Students who do not provide copies of the insurance card will be charged $3 for tripster.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday at 3:30!


Voyage Proposals are due December 20.

The Voyage Proposal: Demonstrating you have really thought out your project and are prepared to dedicate a lot of time and energy to it!

This is a writing piece that will be worked on both in class and at home, utilizing the writing process from brainstorming to publication.  Final essays will be turned in and evaluated for approval by Gabrielle. We will be looking for complexity and rigor in the topic. We will also be making sure that all of the project components have been addressed.

The proposal needs to address, in detail, the following subjects:
1.     What is your topic and why are you interested in it?
2.    Possible research topic/s for the research paper.
3.    Some math you can study in relationship to your topic.
4.    What you hope to do for your “do.”
5.    How are you going to document (“prove”) you did a “do”? (Video of before/after, notes from your apprenticeship, photos, samples of work…)
6.    Your personal, intellectual, and social goals for this project and why you are focusing on them (be specific, realistic, and optimistic).
7.    What some of the potential problems might be and how you can address them ahead of time (ie: transportation, cost, injury, equipment, motivation, space…).
Use a Flee Map to plan your proposal.  Conference with Gabrielle to make sure your ideas are aligned with the expectations.  Do a rough draft on a chrome book, print out a copy, and have it edited/revised at least two times by a peer.  Keep your editing notes and make corrections on your document.  When you think your proposal is ready to be accepted, turn it in to the turn in basket.  

Good Luck!

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