Sunday, July 19, 2015

The lazy days of summer...

I am almost done with my research paper. Every paragraph is on a different aspect I have learned about the guitar: origins, types, impactful guitarists, anatomy of a guitar...  While it is not a very focused research paper, it does demonstrate how little knowledge I started with and some of what I have learned.

My resources include a couple of books from the library (skimming, really, and using the table of contents to go to the chapters I am most interested in) and utilizing a lot of internet sites, including an app that helps me tune my guitar and practice and learn chords. 

Several times a week all four of us (Riley, Quinn, Peter, and I) sit down in front of a CD to learn and practice chords.  We checked out a few tutorials from the library-- the first one we saw was AWFUL but we found another one starring a teacher with a good sense of humor and a logical sequence of lessons. We pause the CD every few seconds to review and practice together. 

Like most students, I have had challenges: motivating to sit and write the paper (always one of my challenges!); not getting frustrated at how long it takes to learn each chord; my neck gets stiff and hurts from trying to maintain the proper sitting/holding position...

Someone who is a quick guitar study would be able to play a jaunty guitar tune for the SSDL presentation coming up, but I'm not confident my skill level will be that high.  I might just show everyone the chords I have learned. 

It's not too late to become part of this SSDL club!  Look at the previous blog post for the required details and the date and time for our celebration! 

I miss you!

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