Monday, June 19, 2017


Hello to my fellow SSDLers,
I hope you are enjoying your time away from room 231 and are taking advantage of a variety of life-long learning activities. While I have YET to start practicing Spanish, I have renewed my certification with Red Cross, taken a long hike, been to a few community art shows, started practicing carving for block printing, practiced the uke, and read a book about vampires and shape shifters. 
While I have not created a specific list of requirements for those who wanted to do a Summer Self-Directed Learning, I hope you are exploring some topics with the rigor and intelligence of a 7th grader. Don't loss those hard-earned habits that you acquired in sixth grade. 
Compared to last summer, are you better at self-motivating to get off the electronics and get into the world... or are you repeating the patterns you had when you were an elementary school student? Are you applying yourself to something challenging without having someone nag you? Are you pulling away from something that is easy and immediate and, instead, investing in learning and practicing something that requires focus, rigor, hard work, self-assessment, and goal setting? 
You absolutely should go ahead with all of your SSDL plans. If you finish one, do another... and don't forget to allow yourself to go slightly off topic or "down the rabbit hole". Sometimes the greatest discoveries are just out of view of the path. 
Email me at to let me know what you are up to! 
Stay posted for the future date of our SSDL celebration (in August)
Until then, 
Be well and full of wonder, 

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