Monday, November 9, 2015

Upcoming field trip and ODDS and ENDS.

We need a few more adult chaperons for Wednesday's field trip. More chaperons means we can have smaller groups for the museum visit!  Some sixth graders still need to pay their $5 for the Sherlock Holmes Exhibit (the museum entrance is free).  Adults do not need to pay.

Remember, students, to pack a filling sack lunch for the museum.  Students may NOT bring money and may not enter the gift shop or the snack shop.

Additional information:

Wall ball can now only be played during lunch recess.  Many classrooms are impacted when wall ball is played during first break, and after some discussion, it has been decided that wall ball will not be permitted when classes are in session.

Please take some time to discuss with your child the importance of being a respectful member of our school community at all times.  Some students have been having difficulty being responsible, safe, and respectful when they are in the school but outside of the advising classroom.  Sixth graders should not need to be reminded to clean up after themselves, to be good listeners, to use inside voices, and to put effort into their tasks.

On Monday morning we had a class council to discuss school community norms and expectations. Students who continue to need a lot of behavior reminders will need to stay in for break and we might need to have some additional parent meetings/phone calls.  It is frustrating that some sixth graders are not demonstrating appropriate behavior.

Does anyone have an idea on what our advising should do for All School Service (aka Durbin) Day? In the past we have cleaned up the grounds and we have gathered resources for a no-kill animal shelter.  Anyone have an idea/opinion?  What are you passionate about?

An IA fundraiser, Chinook Books, will be going home with students this weekend.  Keep your eyes posted for this quick and easy coupon book.  The IA gets 50% of the cost for classroom supplies.
We need a few more adult chaperons for Wednesday's field trip.

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