Friday, February 26, 2016

The first feature article (aka research paper) is DUE next Friday!

Voyagers have had time to utilize our school library, and on Tuesday a number of students will be taking the RTD to the Belmar Library to pick up books they ordered. If your child wants to check out her own book, make sure she comes to school with her own library card.  Otherwise, Karen and Bryan will check out books under their names and those texts will NOT be allowed to leave the classroom.  If you have any questions about this library visit, contact Gabrielle.

All sixth graders have been paired with a JCOS staff member who will act as a consultant on the Voyage.  Emails have been sent out and, hopefully, students will be making new connections with advisers from around the building.

Students should be working on their Voyage feature article at home. Additionally, many students have already started their DO, which will require some support and encouragement from family members.

CONFERENCES will be on Thursday, March 17 and Friday, March 18.  The sign-up folder is across from the office in the school entry. Thanks to everyone who has already signed up.  The nagging will begin some time next week.

Students have been bringing in $1 so we can create a micro-loan for a family/organization in need through  We will be voting on the loan recipient next weeks.

Enjoy this beautiful spring weather!

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