Sunday, October 16, 2016

Keep working on your OOF (Out of Five) Book Reports!

Out of Five Book Review

Section 1: Introductory paragraph essentials:
  • Your name, gender, age, and a little bit about you
  • The book’s title and author
    • Book titles have capital letters and are italicized.
    • Don’t forget to use the easybib add-on to cite your book.
  • The genre(s) the book fits into
    • Why does it fit into this genre? What are the talking animals that make your book a fantasy novel?
  • The original reason you chose this book to read

Section 2: A summary of the plot that doesn’t give away too much.  A summary should include:
  • Main characters
  • Setting(s)
  • Major events that show rising action
Life-the-Flap may be used to cover spoilers.
  • Major plot conflict
  • Resolution

Section 3 and Section 4:  For each of these “choice” paragraphs, select an the idea below (or make up your own):

Did this book inspire a movie? What are some of the similarities/differences between the film and the text? Be specific.
Pick one of the main characters and detail how the author makes the character seem like a “real person”. Make specific reference to language, behaviors, moods...
Explain what you like or dislike about the author’s writing style.  Use several examples from the text to support your opinion.
Research the author and write a short background or biography.  Feel free to include some fascinating facts or titles of other pieces written.
Write about is one of the book’s strengths (example: setting).  Include specific details from the text to support your opinion.
Write about one of the book’s weaknesses. Give an example and explain why.
Pick one of the thinking strategies we have been studying (monitoring for meaning, activating schema, asking questions, drawing inferences, determining importance, sensory images, synthesizing, problem solving) and explain how using it helped you deepen your understanding of the text.
Pick one of the settings in the story and describe the where and when.  What does the author write to make you feel like this location is a “real” place?
Make a list of at least 15 glossary words and their meanings as they relate to this specific text.
Tourniquet: a band tied tightly around an arm to stop the flow of blood
Macroscopic: something small but still visible to the naked eye
Come up with your own!

Section 5: Concluding paragraph
  • Give this book a score of 1-5 stars (or dragons or frindles or kittens…), with 5 being a “MUST READ”.
  • Write a few sentences explaining who might like this book and why.  

  • Illustrate a picture from the text.  Give the picture a title.
  • Make a movie poster advertising the movie for this book.  Don’t forget to cast the main characters!
  • Make a crossword puzzle or word search based on the book.
  • Write some discussion topics or trivia questions (with an answer sheet)
  • Make a comic strip (with illustrations and dialogue) summarizing an important scene from the book.

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