Thursday, March 21, 2013

Register for Glogster!

We now have Glogster accounts available for all sixth graders who want them! Glogster is a fun and interesting way to organize and present information. It's a bit like having a technologically advanced poster: pictures, music, videos, and audio included. If you are interested in exploring Glogster, please register for your account below. Students will be added to the JCOS account and I will then assign them to the Bridges' Class. When it is time to present your SDL, all we need to do is pull your Glogster up on the Smartboard and you are off and running!

When you register for your "nickname," please use your real first and last name so your account is identifiable to me among all the other JCOS students.

Teacher Code: 6H6F12 (Our teacher-librarian, Angie, registered for this account so she might appear as the teacher's name.)

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