Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adapting to the World as it Is

Hello! Glenwood Springs is forecasted to be cold, wet, and ELECTRIC with lightening. After much consultation, we have decided to modify our plans.

We have decided to spend the night at school tonight. This morning, we are heading off to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. There, we will see a planetarium show, a 3-D IMAX show, and tour the exhibits. We will be having dinner at school and spending the night in the building.

Tomorrow morning, we will eat breakfast at school. Then, we will head off to Swim and play at the apex center. After returning to school we will finish with a few more teambuilding activities and then at 3:30, students will be going home like the end of the regular school day. Thursday night, students will be sleeping in their own beds at home.

Friday will be school as usual.

The extra money contributed to this trip will be transferred to your Bridges' account and will be applied to pay for an extra night at Snow Mountain Ranch.

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