Monday, March 2, 2015

New "just right book" and book project

Students turned in their Out of Five book report and should be now starting their next "just right" book.  The finished book will be analyzed for the elements of plot and the students will make a "Bloom Ball Book Report".

Please make sure you child is bringing his/her book home and reading every night. The due date for the completion of the reading of the book is Friday, April 10.  The rough draft of the report will be due on April 16 with the FINAL DRAFT April 20.

Book title: ____________________________________________________ Author:_________________________________
 # of pages:______________________

For this project you will be creating a bloom ball to represent the Elements of Plot.

1.       Get circle patterns of the Bloom Ball from the teacher. (You will need 12 circles total.)
2.       Do not write or draw on the edges outside of the lines. They will be folded and used to connect your ball.
3.       Follow the directions below for each circle. Write or type information NEATLY in each circle. Be sure to write complete sentences and check your spelling!
4.       Illustrations must be colored…no markers, please!
5.       When you are finished writing and coloring, write the number on the bottom of each circle, cut out the circles and assemble your ball by gluing the folded edges together (refer to assembly instructions on back).

Circle #1- No Title
Write the title and author of the book in the circle. Arrange the lettering to use up the entire space. Be creative! Include your first and last name at the bottom.

Circle #2 – Title: AUTHOR
Research the author of the book. Write a complete paragraph describing at least four facts about the author. Who is he? When was he born? How did he begin writing?

Circle #3 – Title: WORD JAR
Authors often use specialized vocabulary that relates to the topic about which they are writing. What new words have you learned while reading Boy of the Painted Cave? Create a two-column word jar. On the left side, list the new words you learned. On the right side, define the meaning of these words.

Elements of Plot COMPREHENSION  
Circle #4 and #5 – Title: CHARACTERS
Describe the main characters of the story using both circles (Tao, Volt, Kala, Graybeard, Ram, Garth). Include both physical and personality characteristics in your description. Write a minimum of two well-written and detailed sentences for each character.

Circle #6 – Title: SETTING
On this circle, you will recreate a visual of Land of the Painted Cave. Where does Tao live? Based on the descriptions given in the book, draw your own version of what Tao’s land looked like to you. Make sure to include and label key locations such as the Slough, Tao’s cave, the river, the camp of the Valley People, the Secret Cavern, etc. Make sure to include color!

Circle #7 – Title: CONFLICTS
Search the book to review conflicts or problems that occur between Tao and Volt. What causes the problems between them? What are the effects of the conflicts on each character? Create two columns on this circle. Label the left side, “Cause” and the right side, “Effect”. Describe at least two conflicts that happened and the effect each had on the characters. At the bottom, choose one of the conflicts and explain how you would have resolved the problem if you were Tao or Volt.

Circle #8 – Title: RISING ACTION
On this circle, describe 4 events that happened before the climax (most exciting part of the story). Each event should be written in at least one paragraph describing what happened. These events need to be BIG events that occurred in the story!

Circle #9 – Title: CLIMAX
Now that you finished the novel, you can determine the climax of the story. In Haiku form, write a 3 line poem that explains the climax of the novel. What led up to the climax?  Who was involved? What changed the outcome of the story? Include an illustration to represent your poem.

There were many changes that occurred to some characters, relationships and events at the conclusion of the story. On this circle, explain 2 events that happened after the climax that had changed from the beginning of the story to the end.  

Circle #11 – Title: THEME
A theme is the author’s message to the reader. Theme is not what happens in the story; it is ideas about life. Sometimes the reader has to read between the lines to figure out the author’s message. In a paragraph or two, explain what you think the theme, or central idea or moral, is in Boy of the Painted Cave. Think about what Tao learned about life, what Volt learned about life, etc. What is the author trying to teach the reader about life?

Circle #12 – Title: RECOMMENDATION
Write a complete paragraph stating your opinion of the book. What do you think about the characters, setting, plot, or theme? Tell why you would or would not recommend this book to a friend. Be sure to support your opinions with reasons. 

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