Friday, March 13, 2015

We can support this Walkabout student!

Hello all,
My name is Ty Ogborn, and I am a graduating senior in Open School’s Walkabout program. I have been doing my Global Awareness Passage on incarceration and criminal justice in the U.S. Because of over-incarceration, men and women in prison are deprived of opportunities to improve their lives. Many choose to begin rehabilitating in prison, turning their lives around through self-education. Books to Prisoners is a non-profit organization that provides them this opportunity by sending them free books. I am beginning a book drive to help this cause. The following books are the most popular among prisoners, and are always needed. Donated books must be paperback.
·         Dictionaries
·         Thesauruses
·         Almanacs
·         Legal self help
·         Spanish books (including Spanish-English dictionaries)
·         Books on drawing instruction
·         Game books (including chess, Sudoku, and role-playing manuals)
·         Vocational education (welding, plumbing, carpentry, etc.)
·         How-to books
·         GED preparation books
·         African-American non-fiction and fiction
·         True crime
·         Paperback fiction including thrillers, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, westerns, and horror
·         Books on the occult, aliens, conspiracy theories, and New Age
·         Blank journals
If you have any of these books at home that you aren’t using, please consider making a donation. There will be a box outside the Open School’s office to drop off donated books. Thank you for your support.

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