Monday, May 18, 2015

Your child needs you! (and Gabi does too!)

Our classroom and school community is built on, among many other things, collaboration and trust. In these last weeks of the school year it has come to our attention that many of the sixth graders appear to no longer care about maintaining a safe and respectful environment at JCOS.  Students are ignoring and defying the Para educators during lunch and recess.  The specials teachers have had a difficult time maintaining peace. I have had to repeatedly move students who chose to talk to their neighbor rather than doing their work.

We all know it can be difficult to maintain focus during this time and accommodations have been made so everyone can be successful if they try.  Sixth graders will have a lot more brain breaks and team building activities during the day.  Lessons will be shorter with more choice and variety.  Texts and lessons are more high-interest and relevant. Fun community activities are occurring during several days of the next two weeks.

Please speak to your child about strategies and expectations for appropriate classroom and outside behavior.  If a child needs a lot of reminders to maintain a basic and understood level of safety and respect, he/she will no longer be considered trustworthy enough to participate in our out-of-school experiences.  What parent would want to take someone on Downtown Denver Day if that child is swearing, not following community rules, and being outright rude?

Some upcoming fun events:

Tuesday, May 19: Sixth Graders Host the Fifth Graders
Wednesday, May 20: Downtown Denver Day
Friday, May 22: Boondocks
Tuesday, May 26: Last IA Community Circle and 5:30 Sixth Grade Continuation
Wednesday, May 27: All School Picnic and Sixth Grade Portfolio Sharing
Thursday, May 28: Game Day, Balloon Ceremony, Early Release for LAST DAY

Please let me know if you have any questions and concerns.  I appreciate your support as we all try to end on a positive, educational, and loving note!

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