Sunday, August 21, 2016

In anticipation of our upcoming camping trip...

Please make sure your sixth grader has all of his/her paperwork turned in.  

Extra copies of the trip packet were sent home on Friday for those few still missing.

All medications (herbal, over-the-counter, prescription, even cough drops) need their own medication form and need to be in their original packaging.  Extra forms are available for your child to take home on Monday.  It is helpful to have all the paperwork filled out and included with the medicine in a large ziplock bag BEFORE delivering it to us.

We have room for at least one more chaperone/driver. All drivers need to fill out the short packet and need to have copies of their current driver's license and insurance on file with the office. I would like to know our final adult count for menu planning.

If you are chaperoning, please let me know how many students you can transport in your car and if you can also take gear.  Email me at as soon as you can so I can start putting together car groups. Have an idea of what adventures you want to have with the students while we are at RMNP? I would love to know that in advance.

Packing lists went home in the Friday folder.  Extra copies are available at school for students who need them.

A copy of the Mandatory Trip Meeting slide show was sent home to those families who were not able to make it on Thursday night.  Please read the information, sign the paper to acknowledge you have done so, and have your child turn it in on Monday.

Call Sharon (303) 982-7045 in the financial office if you have not yet payed the $50 trip fee and if you need to set up a payment plan.

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