Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BOONDOCKS information and our new read aloud

On Friday, May 24, the sixth graders will go to Boondocks in Northglenn for our SDL Completion Celebration Field Trip.  Students (and parents) who filled out the Boondocks voting sheet overwhelmingly voted to go with package #5.  This "Weekday Picnic Special" will cost $21.95 a person and will include 10 arcade tokens per person, unlimited bowling (includes shoe rental), laser tag, miniature golf, go-karts, rookie go-karts, slick track, Jr. Racers, and bumper boats and lunch at the All American BBQ or Back Porch Pizza Express. We are planning to leave for Boondocks from JCOS at around 9:30.  Our class will be participating in laser tag and bowling as a whole group, with the rest of the activities being done in small groups.  

In order to solidify our plans for this event, I am asking for parents to start turning the money in now.  If we are unable to meet the cost of this event the money will be refunded to you and instead of Boondocks we will have a pizza party and a movie at JCOS.  Several families have already generously donated some money to a Boondocks scholarship fund.  Please consider doing the same if you can afford to; We don't want to exclude anyone from this event due to financial hardship.  If you are not able to afford the complete cost of $21.95, please contribute what you can.  The total cost for our 25 students will be around $550. 

During read aloud I will be sharing a book entitled The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow. The book is based on a lecture Randy Pausch gave while a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University. After he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he was invited to give a “last lecture.” The last lecture is a tradition in which professors are invited to reflect on their lives and their career.  Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture is a work of nonfiction that offers its readers advice on how to achieve their childhood dreams and how to live life.

If you would like to watch the vido of Mr. Pausch's last lecture, please follow the link below.

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