Thursday, April 18, 2013

Invader Alert!

Asian Silver Carp, Starlings, and Kudzu, OH MY! Invasive plants, birds, fish, and insects.

You need to design a species of plant or animal that is successful in its native habitat.  Think like a scientist. Make sure the physical structure of the species is suited (adapted) to its environment. 

Now that you have a species living in a healthy ecosystem, you need to transport it to a new habitat.  Was this move intentional or accidental? Who did it and how did it happen?

Excellent work! I'm sure your creation is happy, well suited to this new habitat, and has all the elements needed for vigorous success. Congratulations!  You are now the proud parent of an invasive species! In fact, your species is too successful. What damage or problems are now happenening to the native flora and fauna as a result of your introduction?

And, finally, what techniques are the humans in this invaded region going to do in response to the invasion? Will this be a partial or a complete success?

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