Friday, April 5, 2013

Upcoming Dates and SDL Requirements

JCOS 6th Grade Newsletter

April 5, 2013

It has been really exciting watching the development of the sixth grade Self Directed Learning Projects! Many students have been utilizing the PLAID times in unique and creative ways: Cooper and Bryce went to the Edgewater Skate Park to meet with a consultant and to work on photography and skateboarding skills. Tim interviewed his expert about scuba diving adventures. Dalani, Makaila, and Erin went to the Belmar Public Library to do research. Erin also used PLAID time to meet with her consultant. Sophie and Gianna have both been working on shadowing professionals (a chiropractor and a hair stylist, specifically).

As a reminder to all, here are the four main components that every SDL needs to have:

• You need to have “DO” portion. You create a book, run a class, design a museum display, learn a sport, train for and complete a race… This is a multi-day, multi-step process that needs to be documented in some way.

• You need to research something/someone that is related to the main idea of your SDL. You need to work through the writing process and finish with an organized essay that has five or more paragraphs. It needs to be in final draft format.

• You contacted and utilized another person who can act as a consultant or expert for a portion of your SDL. You need to document who this person is and how they assisted you. You can take a class from them. Have them write a review of your work. Shadow them as they do their job. Interview them and share your questions and answers.

• You need to have a 15-20 minute presentation of your material. Your presentation can utilize some or all of the other components you have worked on. This needs to be in a final draft, publishable format.


• April 11 JCOS Education Expo (Students will be presenting their progress on their SDL). All School Open House from 5:00-7:00 P.M. Come see the fabulous examples of JCOS learning!

• April 24 Rough DRAFT of SDL presentation and documentation due and Early Release @ 1:00

• April 25-26 Student Led Conferences. Do you want to know who your advisor will be for next year?

• May 10 SDL Projects FINAL DRAFT DUE

• Wednesday, May 15 Early Release @ 1:00

• May 16-23 Scheduled SDL Presentations

• Friday, May 24 Class Completion Celebration at Boondocks. Parents are encouraged and welcome to join us (Plus, we need drivers!).

• Monday, May 27 No School

• Tuesday, May 28 All School Picnic and Continuation

• May 29 Last Day of School! 10:00 AM Balloon Ceremony

The best way to reach me is by email. You can get a link to me through the school’s website or write to me directly at

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