Friday, February 20, 2015

We have some fabulous writers! Let's see if we have a WINNING AUTHOR!

Teachers, Ask Your Students to Start Planning Now for the 2nd Annual Jeffco Writing Challenge!
*First place winners in each grade will win $100

The schools with the highest percentage of entries will also be winners:
* 1ST Place School Wins a $500.00 CASH PRIZE!
* 2ND Place School Wins a $300.00 CASH PRIZE!
* 3RD Place School Wins a $200.00 CASH PRIZE!

Last year hundreds of Jeffco students wrote stories and poems and competed for prizes. This year, we hope for even more!

Purpose: To engage young authors in creative and authentic writing for the love of writing expression!
his year’s prompt: Write a crossover.

A crossover combines elements like characters or setting from two or more stories.

• There’s no limit to how creative you can get with this.
• You can combine characters from any genre (fiction or nonfiction), and place them in any setting you choose.

For example:
• What might happen if Curious George found himself in Oz with Dorothy and Toto?
• What if Bella Swan, Jacob, and Edward had all met at Hogwarts? Or if Harry, Hermione, and Ron had lived in the world of Divergent?
• What if Thomas Edison (or Dracula, or Tom Sawyer) had been on board the Titanic?
• What if instead of boys landing on the island in Lord of the Flies, it had been the girls from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?

The Jeffco Writing Challenge is open to all Jefferson County School students in K-12.

Poetry, short stories, or dramas (up to 1000 words max) are all welcome.

Deadline for submissions is April 8, 2015.
Submit entries to: Barbara Banning, ENC Director at Or
 P.O. Box 688
 Golden, CO 80402

The Schools Permission: Please sign and submit with your entry.

My child, __________________________________ has permission to submit a writing piece to ENC. If chosen as an award recipient my child has permission to attend the celebration ceremony on May 5 and may be asked permission to publish the writing.
Please provide the following information with your entry:

Student's Name_____________________________________ Parent’s Email__________________
Home #__________________________ Parent's Cell #____________________________ Grade________________
Name of School ____________________________Parent Signature_________________________

Yes, please add me to your email list.
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